Week 2


Weight: 141.6

Waist: 29

Hips: 34

Bust: 35

I lost exactly one pound this past week, which I am surprised about. I honestly didn’t think I would lose any weight on 2000 calories a day. But I did, which means I will continue to eat 2000 calories this week! The weight I lost may just be water weight, but the fact that I lost anything on 2000 calories is baffling to me. I had spent so much time  eating 1200-1300 calories, starving with low energy, just to lose 1 pound a week. I never would have imagined I could have lost weight on 2000 calories. Surprisingly 2000 calories is enough to satiate me, as I am usually hungry by the end of the day when I have finished all my meals. I am excited to see what happens with my next weigh-in, and also to take my new progress pictures to see if there is any noticeable difference! I think there will be!



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