Week 2


Weight: 141.6

Waist: 29

Hips: 34

Bust: 35

I lost exactly one pound this past week, which I am surprised about. I honestly didn’t think I would lose any weight on 2000 calories a day. But I did, which means I will continue to eat 2000 calories this week! The weight I lost may just be water weight, but the fact that I lost anything on 2000 calories is baffling to me. I had spent so much time  eating 1200-1300 calories, starving with low energy, just to lose 1 pound a week. I never would have imagined I could have lost weight on 2000 calories. Surprisingly 2000 calories is enough to satiate me, as I am usually hungry by the end of the day when I have finished all my meals. I am excited to see what happens with my next weigh-in, and also to take my new progress pictures to see if there is any noticeable difference! I think there will be!


Barbell Circuit from Hell


Super quick circuit workout using only a barbell! I used a standard 45 lb. barbell with no weight added.

Do 6 reps of each exercise for 6 sets…

  1. Bent over rows
  2. Front Squats
  3. Overhead press/upright row (since I did 6 sets I did 3 sets of OHP and 3 sets of upright rows)
  4. Half-Cleans
  5. Front reverse lunges (with the bar in front)



Vegan, Low Carb and High Protein Stir-Fry



1 pack of Nasoya Shirataki Spaghetti

3.2 oz. of Tofurky Sesame Garlic Chick’n

30g of asparagus

30g of red bell pepper

30g of yellow onion

40g of zucchini

4 tablespoons of lite soy sauce

314 calories – 29 carb – 9 fat – 35 protein

Step One:

Prepare all of the vegetables, place them and the Tofurky Chick’n in a skillet on medium heat and coat with vegetable oil spray. Leave on the skillet until crispy/browned.

Step Two:

Wash/rinse spaghetti for 1-2 minutes, then place in boiling water for 3-5 minutes.

Step Three:

Place all prepared ingredients in a bowl, add soy sauce and enjoy!

Day One



Weight – 142.6

Waist – 30

Hips – 35

Bust – 36

Today is day one of my weight loss journey. The time I finally stick to a plan, so that I can achieve my goals and prove to myself that I am capable. I hope to lose at least 20 pounds by my graduation in May.

I have been trying off and on to lose weight for about a year, but things always seem to get in the way. Things like traveling, busy schedules and my mental health have all stopped my from continuing to work towards the body I want to achieve. Like most girls, I am insecure about my body and have had an eating disorder and disordered eating. Although I still have my insecurities, body building has greatly improved my self-image. It gives my body a purpose other than waking up and going to sleep.

I have been lifting for almost 2 years now and can’t imagine going back to the lifestyle I was living before. But, just because I go to the gym 5 days a week, doesn’t mean losing weight is easy for me. I struggle to lose weight and keep it off.

One of the main goals of this journey is to sustainably lose weight and lose it in a healthy way. I am starting this “cut” at 2000 calories. I am not counting macros, as being that detailed about my diet triggers disordered eating habits for me. I am just counting calories, as that has worked for me before when I didn’t even know what macros were.

I will weigh myself each week (Wednesdays), and if I have lost more than one pound, I will maintain my current intake of calories. If I have not lost more than one pound, I will decrease my calories by 50, and continue to do so whenever my weight loss has stalled.

I am hoping this blog will keep me accountable, as well as keep me motivated to continue this cut. I know it will be worth it.